Unfortunate is an understatement when it comes to Oxford.


Dear Reader,

Whoever you are, whether you landed here in the pursuit of useful advice for your own interview - Oxford University or not, or you are here to read of my experience, let me just warn you that this is the most misfortunate story you will read. Allow me to laugh with you.
Part 1: The Application

General truth:  applying to University is not the easiest of things. 
There are so many aspects of it to be considered, from choosing your career, to choosing your course to choosing the right campus for you, what you have done in preparation for it and so on. It doesn’t seem to end, until the day before your deadline and you just realized that all that procrastination did not pay off.

Flowers are de-stressing and less negative, I guess...

I, on the other hand, was very driven, and so I was pretty much decided even before UCAS opened up to my year. I chose Spanish and ab initio Russian with elements of literature mixed into it like in a hot soup. In fact, this whole process felt like I was drowning in exactly that. As my careers advisors told me, I was the first one in my college to have registered for UCAS. All the docs were filled out in no time, but when it came to the personal statement… It took me 3-4 months to write a decent one, and it has gone through so many different hands, when at last I hit ‘submit’. It wasn’t long before I heard from my first choice University, and you can guess which one it was. This is also when my first issue with the application occurred. I did not register myself for my MLATs. After countless phone calls and helpless receivers, I got into touch with my assigned College. 

I called, I wrote, I waited.

Next part to the application was sending my written pieces, which I managed to put together quite easily. The most difficult one was, choosing the Spanish essay, but within a week I was ready to send it to the College. I waited some more.

By some miracle, and completely unexpectedly, I received another email from the College on the 24th of November informing me that they are ‘pleased’ to offer me an interview happening in a week’s time. So, you know what this means now…. STRESS, STRESS, STRESS.

What happened really was that I read a lot more useless articles about politics, culture and literature and met up with some advisors and tutors to tell me to ‘expect the unexpected’. Then, I did not believe it to be helpful at all, but by the time of the interviews I realized that it is the only advice they could have given me.

Prepared but not, I departed from the safety of my home to Oxford.

I will try to post the diary extracts that I managed to upkeep for the most part of my stay at Oxford. I will attempt to depict it as it was, but keep in mind that this is still heavily biased on my personal experience. What I mean by that, is that it probably was, but may not be like this for everyone.

Yours truly,


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