The Time When We Were Uni Students

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Thursday morning we set off to explore the American University as potential students among the high schoolers. One thing I noticed - no matter how big or small the University was, it was beautiful!

Do what you looove!

We were welcomed by speeches, which quite honestly, almost none of us understood as we figured out that the schooling system over there is scarily different, but other than that we enjoyed listening to the Americans, purely for the experience of it!

During the tour of the campus itself we managed to get soaked by the quick shower, while witnessing a major/minor explosion in the library. 
Don't ask... 

When lunch came around, we were not only excited to eat, but also ready to 'steal' some paper plates, plastic cups and plastic cutlery for breakfasts, since our kitchenette was barely equipped, but I don't think they missed those plates and cups. In fact, even if anybody did notice, they were more excited to talk to the British than accuse them, and so we encountered couple of undergraduates welcoming was with wide smiles, impatient to hear my friends speak. 

Later we set off to do some of that promised shopping, which really, was the highlight of the trip - unfortunately only lasted about 2 hours. Nevertheless, the shops hypnotised us with their massive sign posts shouting 'SALES' with various numbers along with them. Due tot he time limitation, I actually had to look at a map and carefully plot and prioritise as to which store to check out, making a mental list of items to looks for as, indeed, I needed to shop for my family first. 

First hour flew by pretty fast, with one pair of American Eagle jeans and 10 stores into the shopping complex, while I started to feel mild panic: how was I supposed to shop for useful stuff with 1 hour left?! Of course nobody told my friend and I that we do not need to walk around in pairs (as we do everywhere else) and so we had half the time to look around! A bit outraged would be an understatement to describe my mood at the time, however I managed to find myself in Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger stores where I managed to accumulate most of the garments. 

For the ridiculous time restrictions I do not feel any guilt in making the whole group late 5 mins, if anybody wanted to still fight me on that, as I needed that little extra time in Calvin Klein, where the clerk was so nice, he even gave me discounts! Now that's a jolly American. 

Once we got past this, the dinner was a pizza at Yeasty Beasty once again - I'm still not over that name - and we headed back to our dorms. In the miniature dining area we huddled around the table, meeting the newest addition to the American team. I came to like this girl fairly quickly, as she was as into Cards Against Humanity as I was, convincing a small group of the girls to play with us!

On that note, we concluded the day with watching an extreme version of 'spoons' the card game, with 2 players and hidden spoon - people really do get competitive! 

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