Longest Days Of Our Lives!?

As per usual, the night before you're supposed to take a leap of faith and undergo the longest journey of your life so far, you will be forced into staying up late, factors contributing to this being: STILL PACKING!?!!, your mum giving you life-saving instructions on how to survive without her, stress, excitement, and other mixed emotions.

Oui, c'est moi :)

In the early hours of the day, someone, be it my dad first or my dog, proceeded to wake me up before 5am on multiple occasions, following my alarm at 5.19, then 5.30 for a quick shower and the rest of the morning up until 7am, when I was getting a lift to the train station, was a blur of panic and collecting vital items, literally last minute. By vital items I mean earphones and lip balm. Then there is the grand, heartfelt goodbye from your mum, that breaks your heart as you can feel her tears rolling down her cheeks as she sees her first little traveller with a suitcase half the size of her, walking away from the nest (okay I got really poetic there, basically I was walking away from her). That isn't to say I will not be back in 7 days, but mothers are destined to be 1000x more emotional about this stuff than dads or sisters. So I, the big traveller took off on my very first journey, prolonging my day by 8 hours. First stop: Chichester college, where only 12 people boarded the coach designed for almost,if not more than, triple the amount of people. Oh such luxuries. Spending an hour and half on the coach, we arrived at England's busiest of airports. Enter an embarrassing story here: I'm pretty sure I am known as the cling film girl who wrapped her suitcase in cling film just before the luggage check in. Why did I do that? My mum told me to, OK!? Don't judge. But I was judged then. The piercing eyes of 11 people on me burned through my leather jacket, but honestly, I don't even care that much. So why that I held you up for 5 minutes? Bite me. It was a new suitcase. And not one of the cheapest ones either.
Getting through the security and spending 2 hours in the duty free section was actually pretty easy, though one disappointment- I couldn't find the one and only Prada Candy! But a pleasant surprise on the other hand, they had a charging point! Boarding the Delta Airline craft I didn't even expect much, but instead found myself in one of those typical film type of air crafts, and quite unfortunately my assigned seat had the letter D in it. Only when I found the seat I knew though that it was the crappiest seat of them all. If you've ever flew in a aircraft of this size, you know that it is the seat right in the middle. Middle isle, middle seat for the middle child, eh? 
The first 5 hours of my journey have been wonderful! The cabin crew has been providing an excellent service, while the aspect of this experience that I find to be the most fascinating is their accent. I mean I know my accent is pretty thick and all, but learning this language in England, and then experiencing the American accent is a whole new thing! Well for me at least. They have provided us with free drinks, lunches of quite the size followed by some more drinks! Or what they like to call it: Snack While the journey isn't over yet, the crew keeps offering more and more snacks! I don't think I have ever been this happy during a journey of this length!

Okay, I must have gained half of my weight just in these 10 hours. 

Landing was fun, but what wasn't as much fun, was the anticipation of the American Team at the airport. 

Luckily they found us after 20 minutes or so, and I swear one of the first things I heard from them was Hey y'all!

Off to a great start with this lovely bunch! They transported us into the biggest house ever (not literally but come on, compare that to one of the typically English) where we got to do the meet & greet part, divided 5 rooms between 11 girls and found out we have to share 1 bathroom - this literally equates to a morning disaster, so a mental rota had to be put in place.

The house accompanied by a splendid view.

After all the settling and 'reflection' time on the plane journey I was ready to sleep at 7pm, but really we went to be much later to skip the unavoidable and most dreading jet lag.

That's it for now lovelies!
Keep checking back for more! :)


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