Anecdotes from the holidays...



To spare time, but to still tell, I put together the most beautiful moments of the vacation, so I hope you enjoy reading about it, or at least looking at it.

50 Shades of Grey?!
Hard to believe that only 2 weeks ago, I was 640 metres above the sea level, in the beautiful world of the Slovakian nation that plays well with colours of each season, even though there was no snow at that time of the year - which, by the way is extremely unusual Incredibly warm winter for these people, yet it was still this beautiful in Liptovsky Hradok. Of course by now there is over (roughly) 20cm of new snow and the temperatures are sinking only.
Frozen lake
Even higher than the castle, there are lakes that like to freeze over winter, especially when it is around -7°C. Occasionally, between the trembling of teeth and shaking of hands you are offered a beautiful shot overlooking a hotel. Impressive place, is all I can say.

Place where you can not only lose yourself in the vibrant landscape, but find yourself as an admirer of the view, not necessarily naturally that way. It's true, you will get overwhelmed, in a positive way, when something like this shows itself to you, and let me just tell you that the camera doesn't do it much justice,
Toretto loved his little rug/
After 20 pictures where he couldn't hold still I managed to convince him to pose for the camera. I was grateful for the light interior of our apartment, as it made it relatively easy to have a decent picture of him, as  he is quite dark. We would like to thank the Grand Castle Liptovsky Hradok for making space for this little sweetheart too, he enjoyed his stay, his apartment and the heating of the floor to the fullest!
More than antique
Ever wondered what it looks like inside of a renovated castle? No? Well I'm going to show you anyways, just an advance spoiler. 

Wood, wood on the walls, wood in the air, wood on the floor.... 

Back in the times...

History in the day's presence
The castle itself, which is the centre of the property is dated from the 13th century, with his first owner master Donč (I am not a historian, so I cannot tell you who he was but you can Google it;) 

Winter gardens

Full of tradition and culture

The only apartment with a view to all sides

Second part to the property
Then there is the Chateau to the castle, which was built almost 300 years later by Mr. Šándorfi and Mrs. Magdalena Zai. In fact, the top left hand side corner window is apparently the chamber once occupied by Mrs Zai, and so it is her apartment, for a week occupied by my parents.

It was a truly enjoyable holiday, visiting family, friends, spas and saunas with lots of our dearly-missed traditional food (to a point when I still can't stand too much food) and a great New Year's Eve at the castle. If by any chance, the chatelaine Mrs. Machová (current owner) happend to read this, I'd like to thank her for the amazing experience of the pre-industrial times at for the warm welcome, stay and goodbye. Wonderful lady.

I believe your holiday, my dear reader, was just as fabulous and beautiful. Do tell your story with the #winter2015tales (if you feel like being an active reader).

Thank you and have a good day!



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