The Holiday Season's tales


The Season's Holiday Tales


The preparation Stage:

We take Christmas baking seriously...

Not sure whether this is the situation with my family only, or whether this situation occurs in other people's homes too, but there is an unbelievable amount of stress, panic and tension building up as the date of our departure nears. 

Okay, I would be lying if I said I don't know why my family is like this, because the truth is that I know way too well why this happens. We, the Hamar clan have a tendency to do everything at once. We manage to delay everything possible - cleaning, baking, cooking, packing, cleaning (again), dining and leaving into one or two days before we leave. Practically the reason I never used to be on time anywhere, not even school. All this allows for a great deal of pointless stress causing useless arguments and then pissed off silences in the car.

But I guess that's the way my family travels. I suppose every family, or group of individuals connected by a shared idea who decide to go on a trip together, and repeatedly go somewhere, will develop their own and unique traditions, codes and ways of travelling. That would make sense though.

So where are we off to this holidays?

Well, we were invited to Slovakia, our home country, by a very important person who paid for our stay at the very luxurious Grand Castle Liptovsky Hradok (basically in the beautiful Tatry mountains in the middle of Slovakia), with 2 of their most prestigious chambers just for my family and I, including the New Year's Eve festivities and celebrations.

-Is what I want to say, but that's not true, except the Castle bit in the mountains, that's where we are headed, excited to have never done this - travelled out of country for Christmas or New Year's.

But that is not all we are doing. Visiting distant family, old friends, our house over in Slovakia etc... It's going to be busy for next 2 weeks, and I don't know how often I'll  be able to post, which kinda makes me sad since I love to sit here at night, or in the morning and just write my brains out. Surprising how I never thought I could do this, but I'm doing it right now!

So I believe there are these stages to travelling. For example, there is the Preparation stage, which is the week up to the date and time of departure, then, there is the Journey which some people describe as the best part of the whole holiday or trip, personally I don't know about that since the journey I'm about to undergo is around 20-25 hours car journey cross Europe, with a dog so will have to be  stopping quite frequently. Adding to that, my earphones broke yesterday, and there is no time to get new ones, so I guess I'll be just using the Bluetooth ones which will drain my battery real quick.

- I feel like this is turning into a rant now, though I do still look forward to the next 2 weeks, trying to fit college work somewhere there too!

So I hope your holidays, Christmas, New Year's Eve is as fabulous as you are! Feel free to let me know in the comments section!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!



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