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As my summer tales are coming to an end (trust me, there are more stories, but let's just say they might not be appropriate to share here), I shall move to the theme that plays such a large part in each of ours lives. It might be school, college, university or any other institution that you are concerned with right now, so whatever it is, there is one common factor - motivation.

It seems to me, and I am pretty sure this has been scientifically proven, that during the dark months people lack it. I know I certainly do, but admitting isn't the solution. It is, however the start of it.

The area of my life, where I lack motivation is college. No the best time really...

I find that lately I have been wanting to do so much stuff - go out with friends, do work, read, write, clean, bake... and the list goes on, but - procrastination. Now that little b**** gets in the way all the time, and I'm convinced it is due to lack of motivation.

Sweets shop in New Forest

Many of you attending college know, that we are almost at the end of the longest term of the whole year, but also the mock exams and exams for that matter, are right around the corner, and having this crisis right now - well, unless you have it constantly- isn't straight up beneficial.

This lack of motivation springs from the lack of sunlight, cold, damp weather, layers (of clothes), etc. It can lead to mood swings - and then people think you're on your period. Constantly. But that isn't the point here because ultimately, we can blame all the factors in our surroundings for all the faults in our life: why am I not in relationship, why I'm falling behind with college work, why I don't have time for friends, why I don't have a good enough job, and again, this list could go on longer.

I think the important thing here is to realise that you have all the power in the world to turn this around, and the way to start is this: prioritise. It sounds a bit simple, cheesy maybe, but if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. If instead of scrolling through my Facebook feed absent-mindedly I decide to sit down and write up some notes for English, I will start to catch up with the work load. If instead of just doing whatever it is that I do to procrastinate, I pick up the camera and go do what I love, I will do it. I will produce something, that hopefully am proud of. 

So why not start. Start now. Just... Start.

I will , will you?


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