Femme Fatale!?


The girl to whom flirting comes naturally...

...my dear friend Nina.


Week 3, Room 5 Squad

Now, before you get anything confused (the title) this is my definition of femme fatale: a woman who attracts men by an aura of charm and mystery - which fits this story perfectly, or at least from another girl's point of view.

Here, I'd like to tell a story, not one of my own ones, but one that I had the chance to observe (also one that I'm partially a part of). It's a story about the peculiar and in my own opinion truly admirable, relationship that Nina has with boys.

Nina is, well... Nina, There are a thousands words, and a thousands ways of describing her, and everyone would use a different syntagm of them, but this is mine; though I'm not even sure where to start describing her, so it might be an idea to tell you a little bit about her background. Nina is half Portuguese and half German. This indeed means that she has a beautifully  tanned skin, strong features and a wide chest (I don't know whether that's something to do with the origin of her genes or not, but it's a fact, okay.). She is also an irresistible red head with the ability to effortlessly pull of red lipstick - or any dark colour for that matter.

Nina has a strong character too, where she does drama - while being good at it as well. Furthermore she was often referred to as the 'mother of the squad' - and rightfully so! On many occasions, when we were in different states, she'd be the one looking after our sorrow selves - no matter how intoxicated she was herself (though I must note here that it wasn't that much for the most of us, her included). 

One of the times that I recall quite vividly despite the other influences, is that little 'gathering' at Bethan's, at the end of the 4th week of NCS - turned out to be even more pathetic than expected (I might write about this in more detail another time). I, myself, wasn't supposed to enjoy any drinks at all, due to the fact that I am aware of what a mess I become if I do, since Henry was attending too (actually, the whole 'get-together' only consisted of myself, Henry, Adam, Owen, Zared, Susan, Bethan and Nina).
Before the evening officially started, Susan and I arrived earlier, greeting both Bethan and Nina at the door both looking beautiful as they do. I want to especially draw attention to Nina's cute little outfit; tartan skirt, black long-sleeve shirt paired with heeled boots. Now, some might question this get up, but we certainly weren't, fully aware of the purpose. At the time, she was madly crushing on Zared, hoping to get somewhere since they have been talking for a while at beginning of the NCS and then the decisions on week 2 during the DC. This decision of hers was made by the whole room 5, and was based on knowledge provided by a member, which turned out to be false - or so we thought after the party. Here is what happened in a nutshell:
- we came
- we may or may not have gotten slightly intoxicated
- for me, nothing moved forward, rather backwards
- Nina and Zared got real close
(No, that THAT close, you dirty little mind!:))
- Adam and Susan did too
- we found out that Henry is a worst lightweight than myself
- found out shots are fun! *wink wink at Nina*
- evening was full of awkward dancing
- everyone went home, and safe to say, nothing was the same after that

Now you think that's quite depressing, but it's not. Since it is Nina's story, it was not bad then, at all. All she knew the next morning was that there was a chance with Zared. But - yes, there will always be a 'but', I mean, we save happy endings for the fairy tales. So back to the 'but' in this story.... Nina and Zared spoke for a while afterwards, but due to reasons that I will not mention here out of respect to both of them, they didn't end up together.

That is not to say that Nina's magic didn't work on another now-very happy boy. Only recently the world was pleased to find out that Nina and a certain Joel are a couple, finally a man that is of the ability to make her happy. Unfortunately I am unable to write about their meetings in detail, as I was not present for those parts, but they met casually. Through friends. Through Costa meet ups. Through little small talks, later chats and they grew closer. Gradually, slowly at first, and then all at once they are making each other happy, and the rest of us jealous.

At the end of the day though, I am very pleased to see that my friend found happiness, only to show us all that after all the dark times, it is worth holding on, being strong, and that there is a reward for it doing so.

So I hope you all are falling for someone too,
or at least are having a great day!

Lots of love,


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