Escape is what we all desire

I think I already said it. but there really is no glamour to British weather.
  • write a to do list
  • clean up/make space
  • pile everything you have to do on one neat pile in that corner of this seemingly smaller, and smaller room, and make time aaand... you end up sitting in the opposite corner because... well, procrastination is a bitch.
We've all been in a situation like that, and if you haven't, then you're lying to yourself and lying is not nice. 

The truth is that we've all been there because we all attend schools or colleges or works. attempt to manage our social lives so we don't end up clever/rich but pitifully lonely, we all have some kind of homework or assignments to do, attempt some duties or chores that we do not particularly enjoy as well as try to fit in some advised 'down time' alongside cooking/ exercising/ leisure time - well. unless you're a lucrative celebrity, or just unbelievably filthy rich, like the Kardashians. In that case, I have no idea what you do to fill your 'off screens' time nor what you do here, on this blog.

Anyway, back to my original point. When we think about all of the above, we inevitably become overwhelmed by this. It. Life on general. But it is quite natural- if you think about it. We never had the need to look at the grand scheme of things, the BIG picture of life - the hunters gatherers certainly didn't, and I don't think the following generations did either, maybe up until the quite recent human history. Now more than ever, all these superficial things, like work, school, promotions, money etc, have begun to rule our lives, became our drive, and we all are suddenly even smaller in this competitive scheme of life.

This is why I consider sitting on your bed with your knees below your chin(s) while scrolling down your fabulous Instagram feed or spending some quality time with your favourite YouTubers (I don't know, whatever is your cup of tea really.) an acceptable way to spend the rainy British Sundays, or even Mondays.

Often, we find ourselves running from all this -works out that between the fight or flight responses we generally choose to flee the situation rather than face it head on. Although it sounds bad on us, there is nothing wrong with it... only if we didn't posses the tendency to moan, whine, complain about it afterwards like a bunch of genetically predisposed losers. Okay, I admit that sounds slightly harsh, though I believe it to be true. On numerous occasions I have had a conversation with a considerably interesting and maybe even intellectual individual who screws it up when he starts hating on successful people online. Talking about how they 'shove' their success down our throats, vlogging and blogging, posting on social media. I think here people forgot that we as a species are very innovative and creative, and these people only found another way to make money or even careers! Good for them I say because these are the people that instead of passively existing on social media, they choose to do something with it, like post music videos. covers, entertain others and/or just show their talents this way or another.

It is another form of escapism for us. True, their careers aren't physically challenging as, for example, a teacher or a shop keeper but it makes up for it in another way.

What I am trying to say here that we all look for a way of escaping reality. Sadly this has been caused by media and all the shows and series we are exposed to, but that once again, doesn't mean that it is all bad. Frankly, we need it.

It seems to me that our lives are all about escapism, because even in the best state of mind, whether you're a rich person on a holiday on a tropical island, or a Buddhist deep in a meditation, we all strive to be out of this world, in a way.

Okay, I do see this turned out to be slightly more profound than intended when I started writing, but I guess you'll have to deal with it.



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