The week that started it


The week that started it all off.


The years we don't realize are the best, until we are past them.

Three days after prom, Nina, Chloe and I were off to Dorset with NCS.
If you ever get the opportunity to go to NCS, do it. This was honestly one of the best things I did during my summer, plus I spent 4 weeks away from home – why not, right?
     I love meeting new people, and I consider myself being pretty good at it, I mean, why wouldn't I be? I survived moving to England from another country and made friends, not even the language barrier stopped me. I moved school beginning of year 10, and I made friends. I found it to be quite easy to make friends actually, despite the fact that I am slightly socially awkward.
     So when I arrived at
the meeting point, I came at the same time as Nina did, and we immediately made a friend, Jess, because she was there alone. When people started coming in, the called us into one room, and separated us into three groups, and obviously Nina, Chloe and I got separated (coincidence is a bitch, as there were three groups; group 1 was Chloe, group 2 was Nina, and the best group, group 3 contained me), but it was all good.
     Each group was assigned with two leaders, the responsible adults, Chloe and Floss were my two leaders. It was very awkward at first, as they got us to stand in one circle and for each to say our name. There was nothing wrong with that, except did anyone remember anyone’s?! No. Obviously not, so you can imagine the awkward silence when they told us to throw the ball to someone and say their name. In the end we had to go stand next to someone who we don’t know, so obviously I went to stand next to the only person whose name I remembered.
     “I'm only standing next to you because I remembered your name.” I said to Caroline.
Boom! We laughed. Told you, I'm great at friends.
Just kidding, we had a laugh and later, when we were released from the circle of awkwardness she introduced me to the group of girls in our group that seemed to know each other – turns out they all went to the same private school (rich kids) and asked to be together. They were Susan, Felicia, Tamara and Anabelle. All great people.
   “Oh my god you have all the cute guys in your group!”
     Nina came running to me, but no, she can’t be quiet.
     “Do I?”
     “By the way Nina, this is my group. This is Caroline” I started introducing the girls, but they all had to say their names, because I still could not remember them – took a while to catch onto them.
     The rest of it is a mess, because everybody was talking over each other, at one point everyone was shouting until we got on the bus. I got ditched by both Nina and Chloe, but that’s okay. I ended up sitting next to this boy, who really did not make a great start when one of the first conversations he had with people on NCS was him bragging about not being a virgin any more.
     “So do you know what a virgin is?” Henry asked me.
     “Yeah…?” At first I wasn't sure what his point was.
     “Are you one of them?”
     “I'm not” he laughed.
     Why would you go round telling this to people? Like dude, congrats for getting laid – at least he is legal – but I really didn't want to know about your love life before I had a proper conversation with you. That was pretty much the single thing he was talking about for the whole 2 hour journey. He wasn't telling all of it to me, but he was loud enough for the whole bus to hear it. At one point, this girl across the aisle who he was chatting to, she pulled out two condoms and tried to give it to him! Too bad, for the rest of the two weeks her nick name was ‘condom girl’. She was quite lovely really.
     Miraculously, I survived the journey, but the relief I felt when the bus stopped! We arrived at the camp-site, and we all shared a teepee with at least 5 other people, except I. We only had 4 people in ours, which allowed for plenty of space for everyone! Throughout the week we did different adrenaline activities, like rock climbing on a cliff – which was lots of fun, coasteering – which is cliff jumping – even more fun, bush craft, archery, raft building etc.., but the best part was late night hanging out in front of someone’s tent. I think group 2 and 3 girls were closest mainly because of Nina and I – we were the glue. As we got through the week, gradually more and more people started to join in the circle, and so by the end of the week even the boys joined in. What kind of a summer camp would it be, without people pairing you up with random guys? Of course there were cute and funny boys, my group having the most of them. I remember I spoke to one of the once, while we were playing a team building game, as I was trying to explain the tactics, and naturally, people made assumptions that I liked him:
     “Kami! Apparently you have a crush on one of the Henrys here?” Chloe said to me one evening when we met in the toilets.
     Ehm, yeah…this is how I found out I have a crush on someone! Ridiculous. But it turned out that he had a crush on me. This escalated even more, when I told my group of girls that he kind of reminds me of Paul Walker (He kind of did, but by week 2 I couldn't see it anymore). I obviously laughed it all off, and I think he did too, which is probably the best thing both of us could do, to avoid awkwardness. It is very hard to be around people when they try to set you up with someone, who you don’t know if he actually likes you, because there turned out to be complicated drama around him and his ex-girlfriend. But yes, I still had a huge crush on Alec. Sadly for everyone else, I compared them to him, and at the time there was no one better, smarter, hotter than he seemed to be.
     By the end of week 1 we all were tired, because sleeping on hard ground, in cold weather (well, English weather) is not fun, nor was the food there. We all were bored of cheese sandwiches by the end of this week. On the coach back home, we all added each other on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, and the summer was off to get even better!
     That Saturday I worked, and I finally had the courage to add Alec on Facebook! However, the reason I finally did it was because of Henry (the one from the coach) as he’d ask me if I have a boyfriend, and all I had at that time was this silly crush on some boy from work.
     “Aww, that’s cute!”
This is the reaction I got from both Henry and that girl on the coach. I didn't like it though. It made me feel crappier than it probably should, but it made me look like I don’t even have the courage to talk to someone. So I did just that! I added Alec on Facebook and started talking to him. Well, I did my best – I really didn't see how this boy could not realize that I liked him! – Or he did but was not interested. We talked a little over the weekend, which was fun and exciting, but sadly we could not meet up because on Monday I was off to Fort Purbrook, to stay there the whole of next week. Ouch!

‘Hope is wishing something would happen. Faith is believing something will happen.’ – I guess I had both.

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