The week in the tunnels


 Do I like you or nah?


Thank you girlies for that beaut week!
((from left) Caroline, Nina, Me, Bethan)
     On that Monday morning, I got to Fort Purbrook 1 hour early, but luckily there was another girl who was quite early too – Judy. Judy was an interesting person, and she looked like a model. She was tall, skinny, tanned skin and just beautiful. But I still didn't quite like her. Maybe I was just jealous of how confident she was around all the boys, or maybe
I was jealous because I actually started liking Henry (Love story number 2), the boy that had a crush on me, apparently (not the one from the coach!), and she was very flirty with that whole group of boys. I was civil with her though, or at least I tried my best.
     Monday was boring; we had bad weather, and an all day session about CVs, interviews and banking from Barclays people. Nobody was really feeling it. We still managed to have an okay day, however. This week, we were cooking for ourselves, which was one of the aims of the NCS programme – to teach us how to be independent. I had to cook twice this week, as I was a vegetarian and the first meal we had for dinner that week was sausage and mash. I was making a speciality that English people weren't familiar with – Edam cheese coated in bread crumbs and deep fried. It was delicious, and funny how everyone, all the leaders too, came to watch me how it is done. They all were truly fascinated by the simple process of cutting up the cheese, dipping it into flour, egg, breadcrumbs, egg and breadcrumbs and then putting it into a pan full of hot oil. Luckily, they all liked it too, so I count that as a success. Afterwards, the group – consisting of Nina (my best friend), Zared (a cute guy with good eyebrows whom Nina kinda liked), Adam (the funny one), Owen (the quiet one), Mel (the loud one), Henry (the boy with the crush), Judy (the flirty one), Sarah and May (the couple who were funny and cute), Bethan (my best friend) and myself (no, I still don’t know how I fitted in, but oh well) - found a quiet room and we just hung out. The thing about the place where we lived for a week is that it is an old fort, with scary deep running tunnels – haunted, apparently. So of course the boys and Nina – she is impressively fearless – wanted to go down there past the curfew. Yeah, sure...why not, right? Hahaa...
      The only three people who ended up going at least half way were Nina, Bethan and myself, but then I got crept out by the smoke that started to form sort of half way through the tunnel (it was only because of the sudden drop and temperature differences, but trust me, you don’t think about that when you are down that far of a cold and wet tunnel!). Some of the boys didn't even put a foot into the tunnel as the lights were off.
     That night, in our room we had our first ‘DC’-deep chat, something the girls (Bethan, Caroline, Nina) and I invented as we stayed up real late talking. We all, except Caroline, ended up crying, as we went down a memory lane together, especially Nina and I, since we have been friends for the longest out of the four of us. We repeated this every other night, and it was a way for us to review the day, and the entire boy related drama. This is where I should explain. Basically, we all assigned a boy to each other that we should try to ‘pull’. It was our own little way to make things more interesting, since all of our love lives were rather appalling. Nina was single for over 2 years then, Bethan never had a boyfriend, Caroline had someone trying to get with her, but she really didn't want to and I, well I've been single for a year, too. So we decided to spice it up a bit. I was supposed to get closer with Henry (failed miserably, but more on that later, we still have two weeks to go, and I was optimistic), Nina was crushing on Zared, and because Caroline went to school with him, she concluded that his behaviour shows that he is into her (well it really did back then, they were very flirty), Caroline was supposed to NOT get close with another guy from group 2 – Ty. And Bethan, well, she has her standards that neither of the boys there met.
     The next day we went to a sustainability centre, where we were ‘one with the nature’ in the first session. Seriously, the guy that was our guide he taught us about some plants in the woods that I don’t even remember now, just the fact that he chewed a nettle leaf in front of us, and then he taught us how to set up a fire, make bread and gave us to taste three types of tea – which wasn't bad, but unhygienic as hell. In the second session we were making little basket like bowls out of willow. The second session was actually quite fun, but then the third one wasn't as much. We were learning different types of knots (easy) and the putting up a tent and then putting it back together and putting it away. We saw how someone lives in an all-natural way in a tiny house. Quite ecological, but living in a forest and brining a child up there is not really my thing. However I do have respect for that woman. The evening went similarly to the first day, however we went down the tunnels earlier, and I scared the crap out of Henry – pretty easy to do actually, because the lights were on in the tunnels that night.
     Nope, not even the Tuesday was a success – regarding the DC from previous night. I was told by Caroline that every time she sees him trying to make conversation with me, I shut him down with single word answers, so I decided to look out for that. Nina, on the other hand, was madly crushing and madly successful with Zared. It looked promising. Especially that Thursday.
    Now, let me just take a while to talk about Thursday. We were supposed to leave at around 8am for Sky studios in London; however the group of boys from my group (Henry, Adam and Owen) were supposed to leave that evening. Walking to the coach, the boys started to allocate each one of them a pair. Adam went to sit with Susan (they were definitely going to be a couple in no time).
     “So who am I going to sit with?” said Henry, walking right beside me.
     Of course Nina and I looked at each other instantly, and before I knew it Nina made the move.
     “Sit next to Kami.” She said. He agreed. I agreed. Thank you Nina!
     But call it faith or destiny, when we got on the coach (which was late any ways!) the seat belts weren't working! The driver tried to fix them, but they were just stuck, so they had to call into the company to send another coach, which would of course take another hour or so! This caused trouble with the DC plan, because the boys had a certain time when they needed to leave, as they were going to Disney with their school. So the leaders decided to send them home then, rather than risking them being late and missing out on Disney. Which was fair, but it meant I did not have the chance to sit next to Henry. I was kind of bummed to be honest.
    As the day unravelled I was getting more and more tired. Not so surprisingly sleeping in a dorm does take it out on you, especially when the program doesn't allow for neither: sleep in or relax during the day. So by the time we got back on the coach I was falling asleep and getting slightly irritated by people. I decided to sit next to my friend Henry (not the Love story number 2 Henry - really sorry if it is getting confusing!). Big mistake. And though this Henry is nice and chatty it, he can also get pretty annoying after he took a little nap - on my jacket!
     The rest of the evening I spent hiding in the so-called WiFi room - that's where the rooter was- hiding away from people. I only came down for a veggie burger (it does not sound appealing, and as sceptical as I was of it, it was actually quite nice!) and some cotton floss. Afterwards the whole leaders crew decided to take us down on a big 'scary' tour through the tunnels and around, telling us all these 'scary ghost stories' of how some soldiers died and and have been haunting it ever since. Nonsense I say! Though I must admit going down a dark steep tunnel, linked arms with people is quite the funny experience. The worst and best part about it, was that my group (we were sent down the tunnels in small groups) was the first one to go down, and so once we established that we know where we are, we started jumping up on people from behind the walls and corners. Does give you a headache after a while!

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Hope you're enjoying my little summer tales!


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