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The First Summer


There is no better way to start your summer than to…

     Summer 2015 has been great. I’d even say it was the best summer of your life, so far! Why? Well, you did most of the things you wanted to do, and so much more! You have made some great decisions (some bad ones too, and some really bad ones as well) and it all made for good stories and, more importantly, for fantastic memories! I feel like here, I should shout out to all my friends, old and new ones that were part of it! You know who you are. Overall, you tried and experimented with new things almost every day, weekly, non-stop, since the day you finished your last, and the ‘hardest’ exam – physics (and you passed it with an A btw.!)

     So, on the 19th of June, I got up, out of bed in the morning – all packed and prepared, ready and nervous. I put on my school uniform for the last time, not even sad to do so. I was actually pretty happy and excited for the summer, and I knew this was the beginning of it. I got to school to meet my very nervous friends, most of the exhausted from all the exams, and all of them ready to do it (even though we were totally not ready for this exam!). But it is done. After the exam I rushed out of the sports hall to the bus stop, not even thinking about how I did in the exam – I mean, they were asking us whether it would be a good idea to talk to aliens! But it didn't matter, even if I was to fail it, at that moment I did not give a single care about it, because I was going to Spain in a couple of hours! I still could not believe it! (Yes, I might be overusing the exclamation marks here, but that only goes to show the level of excitement I was experiencing then. Really, I was THAT
excited about Spain).
     Okay, you might say “Spain, what so special about Spain?” Well, I will tell you. This was actually the first time I was going on a holiday, abroad, and I was going with my mum! It also marked the beginning of my summer. I still don’t think there is a better way to start off your summer, than a week on the beautiful beaches of Costa Del Sol, in Marbella’s 5 star hotel ‘Los Monteros’. The week actually passed by pretty quickly, starting off with spending time at the pool, on the beach, Noche De San Juan celebration, visiting Casco Antiguo (Marbella’s old town, which actually has beautiful architecture, and is worth your while) and then walking around Malaga with our suitcases, couple of hours before our flight was due (also, we had to spend what seemed a forever at the airport because it was delayed!).
     But at the end of it, I wasn't even sad about going home – I knew I got a gorgeous tan! Also, there was so much to enjoy, like the sea – although I didn't go in all the way, because I saw a pad floating around just when I was about to dive in (ew). I knew I enjoyed the beaches, the heat and the stress free atmosphere of the hotel to the fullest (here I’d like to thank my mum for there is no better way to reward your daughter for doing her GCSEs, than taking her to a place like this). I also figured out that I was not so bad at Spanish, as I was able to practice it throughout the time there, and I even got complimented on my accent! How crazy is that!
    When we came back home, I had one busy week before the big day. Prom. But to be honest, the anticipation of the night, the getting ready was much more fun than the night itself – well, until a certain point. Like everyone, I got up, went to my hair dresser’s appointment. I would like to thank Pacy for teaching me what a hair pin, and a hair grip is, and that the difference matters! My older sister, of whom I am pretty much a twin of, just three years younger, came down on the day, together with her two friends who were at the time visiting England. We went for lunch, and then it was time for make-up!
     “So what should we do for you?”
     Rebi, one of my sister’s friends asked me, as she was my personal make-up artist for that day. Rebi did an amazing job to make me look pretty (yay!) even though she is not an actual make-up artist. Thank you. I was evaluated by all the women in the house (mother, two sisters and two girls) and they decided I looked good enough, so it was time to put on the dress! I think any girls will always get excited when it comes to big evening gowns! My dress was relatively (aka very) cheap off eBay, but it was good enough to make me feel like a little princess! Who wouldn't like that? My two dates came to pick me up in an Audi (amazing cars) and we were off to prom.
     From there, prom was a mess. Some of the popular girls had pretty nice dresses, but generally I think the ‘less popular’ kids looked better that night. I must say I did not appreciate the huge crowds around the drive way, as I lost literally everyone! However they all found me and pictures were taken all over the place, with people you like, and people you don’t, and the teachers, of course – some of them drunk already. We got a whole year group picture taken, much uncoordinated, and were invited in for dinner. The food was generally very bad, but they served wine. Well, a glass for everyone. That seems pretty cool, right? Having free glass of wine, but it was not really. Mostly because wine doesn't taste as nice, and secondly because Nina and Liv drunk everyone’s! This meant I had to donate mine to my best friend Amy, because she wasn't allowed to go to after-prom with us. Oh well, we ended up having a pretty good time dancing and singing, and it only went uphill after 12pm. It was time for after-prom! Also, my first party I went to.
     We got a lift from Meg’s dad to Bethan's house, getting there before she did. This is when the real fun began, I'm sure you’re not even wondering why, right? But it was even better, because this was the first time I was getting drunk – yes, at 16. I started with couple glasses of this amazing, cheap but amazing champagne (still my favourite alcoholic drink, because I am classy like that), followed by some more wine (Rose this time) from Nina’s bottle – which was disgustingly warm, but did the job. This is when I started to feel happy, light headed and fuzzy! That is how you know that you have to keep drinking! I loved it really, and everything was so funny – I am sure a state most of you are familiar with, but if you are not, drink responsibly!
     I grabbed Nina and Liv and pulled them into the tent before we all got way too drunk.
     “The only reason I am drinking tonight, is because I trust you guys okay? Please make sure I drink lots of water and go for a wee before I pass out, okay?” I said.
I was still a bit nervous, because honestly, I was not supposed to stay over that night, but I promised my mum that there will be no alcohol, and she let me stay. At this point though, we were all laughing, but they agreed to look after me – or they tried, at least.
     “Okay, Kami, what we will do, is set up your bed in-between Liv and I so we can watch you. That sound like a good idea to you?” (at this point the alcohol started hitting harder so I just smiled like a fool at them, but I think they got it)
     Nina is always the best if you need someone to look after you. No wonder she was the designated ‘mum’ of the group, but she didn't mind. She did not wait for my response, and already set everything up, while Liv dragged me out of the tent to go dance with her. I do love these girls. Couple drinks later, I was even more happy, and even more giggly; eating all the baby carrots from the snack bar (I don’t know why, I guess I have weird taste when I am drunk?), when someone offered for me to try vodka and coke.
     “Sure!” Obviously, I agreed, and Meg was on it instantly.
     It was sweet, but I couldn't taste the alcohol in it.
     “It’s because you’re already quite drunk-“Nina explained.
I had some more to drink and to eat (popcorn is great) and joined the whole group in the conservatory to dance.
Okay, can we just talk about Bethan’s house here for a second? Bethan has this amazing conservatory, where it was dark (duh), but she has this awesome laser light which made it look quite cool! She even set up the tent with little fairy lights – you got to love Bethan really. It was adorable! Despite the  loud music, I started to feel a bit tired – well, it could have been like 2am by then, so naturally I went out to get some fresh air. But Liv followed me out, to ask whether I was okay, and for some strange reason, the hilarious and drunk me thought it would be funny to start running from her. So I ran around the tent once, twice, and while there were two people (Nina and Liv) chasing me, they could not catch me. I started going under the tent to get inside, and then out the same way but on the other side of it. I remember there was Meg and Chloe talking, and they started laughing at me when they saw.
     “You were like a little hyperactive rabbit Kami!” Meg said the next morning.
     “You were also trying to convince me to drink water and go to the toilet!” She added.
So apparently, I did talk to her, and instead of drinking the water, I tried to get someone else to drink it. Okay drunk Kami, good job.
Anyway, both Nina and Liv got hurt somehow, while chasing me, as they tripped over the ropes. Right, this is what I don’t get – how the hell did I not trip over the ropes, but they did?! Liv has a scar on her leg now, and blames me for it. Oops?
However, in the end, when I didn't like the running any more, the girls got me to drink plenty of water, and can I just say something? Why the hell does alcohol make you want to go to the toilet so much?! (Okay, I do actually know, it’s because I drank so much, but it was still annoying!) I probably spent more time in the bathroom than actually with the people!
     Another funny story came from when I was taking out all the hair grips and pins from my hair (there were lots of them!)
     “This! This is a hair grip. And this… this is a, a hair pin” I just wanted to pass on the wisdom about the difference between hair grips and hair pins, okay?! (Sorry girls!)So yes, it turned out that Bethan had to sit with me while I was taking out all of the things from my hair, and I tortured her.

     Honestly, I don’t regret anything I did that night. The best part of it is when you wake up, and feel absolutely fine! No headache, no hangover… Okay, I may have still been a little drunk in the morning. I love how I remember everything I did that night, even the 4am conversation with Liv about lesbian sex, boys and, well, Alec. I mean, who else would I have talked about?
     Alec (Love story number 1) – at the time- was my crush for 9 months, and he was the only person I wanted to talk about. I have been working with this Alec since I turned 16, and seen him on a weekly basis because of it, but he was quite hard to read. Plus, the fact that I am an awkward and shy person did not help. I tried to be flirty, smile at him and followed all the tips I was ever given, but he just didn't catch on. Or, yes, he was not interested, but I guess I was making a conscious effort no to think about that possibility, such a fool I am. We have had a few rather playful interactions, but unfortunately as soon as he’d smile at me he would turn stone cold again. We weren't friends on Facebook or Snapchat or anything, so there was no way for me to talk to him, or vice versa. But 9/10 months later I was still madly crushing on him – how sad, I know!

Having best friends is amazing. The way you know they are keepers, is when you talk about someone over and over again, and they listen every single time. That was the moment I was truly grateful to have made such amazing friends and hope that college will not drive us apart.

‘People come and go. The best will stay’

Hope you enjoyed!


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