Singer of the week!?

Lukas Graham - Drunk in the morning

This might even be one of my new favourite singers.

 Everybody would have known one of his most famous songs now '7 years' which is hitting the charts since early winter, however I think he's got much more to offer than just '7 years'. Only recently Phoebe has shown me this one, Drunk in the morning, and I am in love with his voice - and that's not a compliment I give out often,
 (no, honestly it isn't.). 

Top songs from Lukas:

1) Mama said
2) Drunk in the morning
3) 7 years
4) Criminal Mind

Okay. there aren't that many, but these ones are worth a listen. Also I'm composing a new playlist. The way this works for me, is I ask others about their favourite bands/singers and ask them to give me one, and one only, best song from their favourite music composer and listen to them. 

Any suggestions?

For now, thank you very much lovelies!


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