Time for another mood board!!

Strangely dark and mysterious

The perfect half healthy breakfast?
I found this strange love for pancake breakfast lately... So if I can make it healthy, well that's just better!

How wicked...
Why would you even come up with a torture like that, a thought so wicked it makes me curious whether it actually is possible to write a book like that.

Soft touch
This week's photography inspirations.

Everything becomes a temptation when you decide to slim down into those new jeans that you didn't guess the size correctly. 

Just the sort of thing I would wear, 

Listening to music all day
Especially after half term, when all the teachers overwhelm you with the countdown toward your final exams, I just want to lock myself in a room and listen to songs from the past, when such things didn't even cross my mind.

Interesting, clean design. That's all I like about them.
 And of course the picture itself I find well composed. 
Cosy mood
The sort of clothes I am in mood for, but in England the temperatures don't favour my needs...

Clean, pure, perfect.
This is a place I could definitely live in. Space, light, soft - is what I look for in houses. Indeed you don't get much choice while living with your parents, especially in the cramped spaces of English 2 bedroom houses.

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