Here's to another week!

Sex and the city - the girls
My new TV obsession. Weirdly manipulated into wanting to move to New York City... hmm, I might be watching too much of it.
It's great. It's addictive. It's opinionated. 

Carrie Bradshaw - fabulous and fabulous.
The star of the book, the star of the show, the star of the film. I guess she's the main character? Hah
Not but really, I find similarities between us, as for instance, we both hoard shoes and still find new wants.

Preach it.
Brace yourselves, Valentine's Day is approaching fast, and just as any year, it's gonna be hitting hard.
Start affirming?

Samantha Jones - painfully true
Yes, Sam. Not that I have any recent experience though. 

The Squad
Let's not talk about 'lovy-dovy' stuff here. The main focus of this show is on the friendships among these 4 gals and still, to this day friendships work on this basis. 

Still relevant... Girls hide your cams
Hm, did she just predict the future? 

Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII
Okay, you can see I have been obsessing over Sex and the City a bit there, so here's a little HUGE something from my other interests...
Well done Lilly!! Proud of this unicorn for making it this far, and for the future she built for herself!! This youtuber managed to do so much, there is no where to start, so all I can suggest is to go subscribe to her channel.

Fashion design

Minimalistic interior is the shit nowadays
Minimalism with a little detailed sprinkled here and there and voilĂ  we've got ourselves the perfect apartment.
Or rather my dream place. 

Healthy brunch
This is what I need friends for. I need someone who invests in themselves, someone who loves being and keeping healthy and someone who loves brunches. 
Also, I need a brunch place nearby here.

Little quotes
If you think about it, we anticipate everything. The anticipation is the expectation, and if we're being real here, our expectations are often than not much better than the reality, so yes.
Except when you're anticipating a sneeze for over 15 seconds. 
That's not funny business.

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