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Why taking the bus sucks...

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Public transport is a rip off. The whole system is useless and money-making business that is apparently 'ecological' but I'd doubt that too (I'm not sure whether that's actually based on a fact though, probably not).

Basically, if you're #notfromEngland this is how buses work (at least in my area):
You get on the bus at your nearest bus stop, where you hesitatingly waited last 25 minutes because you didn't want to miss your bus. For those who say that the bues go at a set time: No they don't. These people like to mess with you (I'm convinced they like to be late just for
the jokes), they can leave the bus stop 5 minutes before they were scheduled to be there or even 20 minutes after - you just don't know. In case they are on time, at first it is hard to work out how these time tables work, and then you have trouble finding them (they should always be on the main bus station in your area, if in doubt ask around, you're more likely to get an accurate answer that way).

Once you're on the bus, you have a choice to buy couple of different tickets: single, return, dayrider (the town you're in or a whole county dayrider), weekrider and megarider. They go up in price as listed too. Nowadays, you get the weekrider (and up) on a little card - it's easier that way and probably saves them bunch of money as well.

Another phenomenon about buses in England is that the drivers are scornful beings in a miserable job (I really can't imagine a job worse than being a bus driver not going to lie) and I am pretty sure they're always trying to make your day a horror. I must disclaim, there are a few, just very few exceptions to this. They will be ever-curious about your age too! Like damn it, if you cannot guess my age, and if I look like a child, just give me the benefit of the doubt and sell me the child ticket? I mean, I'm the one risking a fine here if I'm not under 16.

That is a pet peeve of mine. In England, you're expected to pay a full adult bus fare, but you're not allowed to do any other adult things (like vote, buy cigarettes or alcoholic beverages), nor drive to get to school/college cheaper. It's a country living off my under-16s wage, working my ass off during weekends... Ridiculous!

Back to the bus drivers now. They don't seem to have the capacity to be polite enough and listen to you if you don't ask for a regular ticket, and so then they act dumb when they ask me extra 10 times what it is that I want. All I really want to do in a situation like that is save my money on this overpriced service!

Quick story for demonstration:

I enter the 31 bus to Hayling Island. I show him my card and a £5 note saying "is it please possible to combine my Havant weekrider with a single ticket to the Beachlands?"
When he gives me a funny look I already know this was a mistake.
"Sorry what do you want?" He asks, his voice lacking any sympathy at all. judging.

The conversation continues on in a similar fashion, when I explain to him in different ways, that I want to use one ticket to get to a place, and from that place to get a single ticket to Beachlands. How hard can it be? All I wanted to do, is pay £3 instead of £6.60 or £4.30! At the end of the day we all work to make money so we can enjoy it, not spend it on travelling to work...

After not listening to me for the first 4 times I explained this to him, I gave up as I realized I spent 5 embarrassingly long minutes at the front of the bus, holding up all these busy (old) people, myself included, just to end up paying miserable £4,30 - it doesn't seem like much at all, but imagine this adding up over a couple of weekends! If you work it out, after 3/4 weekends you could have new shoes for that money. Though this all would have been fine with me - I get it, it's annoying to have a 'difficult' customer, but at the end he had the nerve to get angry over the fact that he can't understand what I want!

This isn't to say that there aren't those couple rare drivers who take the initiative and are cheerful, nice and polite at least when you enter the bus. Some will ask you how your day was, or how you are, and some will even help you to get the cheapest ticket to your destination! I salute people like them, as it always brightens up my day, and it's just nice knowing that compassionate people still exist.

So lesson learned today: Don't take moody bus drivers too seriously, they're not worth it.

Anyway, I hope your day was much better! Let me know if you have similar experiences with bus drivers or what are they like in your area?


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