Wasn't Expecting That - Jamie Lawson


Personally, I'm in loooove with this song. 
Beautiful story, beautiful memories, just beautiful.
(I'm sorry for the overuse of the word beautiful!)

I must admit that initially I thought it was a depressing song, about a love story as it goes, that it would be about that one that got away, but someone explained to me that it has a story. That's when my perception of it started changing, because you get to see the story of the love between two, quite usual people. That alone is nothing unusual, but somehow I like how the producer decided to tell the story backwards. It adds a nice twist to it, and in a way it's what we all want - to rewind time. Or at least those in their later years, reflecting back upon their memories, what they would have changed, done differently. 

That's the other thing. Usually what we see with all the endless love songs out there, is people regretting what they did, or didn't do, what the other person said and intended, but Lawson sings about how happy he is about how his life turned out, even at the end of it, with no regrets, not turning backs, and that is something I admire and aspire to. 
To live with no regrets.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the song/what are your opinions;)


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