Boy rant (1)

Instagram knows...


I mean, which girl couldn't relate?!

(I guess the one who is at the beginning of 'the perfect' relationship' with the 'perfect' guy, going on 'perfect' dates and I swear she says something else is 'perfect' I will....Oops.)

It is no secret
that boys are part of my life. Unfortunately, I am that type of girl that always has a crush on someone, or has 'an eye' on someone at least. So if I'm speaking to someone, the guy doesn't make a move, too bad, I'm onto to next one. However this doesn't mean I want to be boy-jumping.

Not at all...

I find the issue with me is that I am proactive when it comes to dating. Some could argue that maybe even bit too much, or at least the boys seem to get intimidated by my confidence, and don't respond to it in a way I expected. Does that make sense? I don't know. Quick story then:

I started working in this restaurant. This very sweet and at first 'perfect' boy was working there too. For ages I tried the 'hard to get' but still dropping non verbal hints approach, but after 8/9 months it is safe to say that I got bored of it, of the stillness and pointlessness. Towards the final stage of crushing on someone, I decided to adapt the 'f*ck it' attitude towards this, and I messaged him. We would have a conversation, but it would be always me starting it, which was annoying (tip for any boy out there who might be reading this: girls appreciate it when you make the first move, and when you at least alternate between starting up a conversation). This is was in the summer, and by this time I already had 'an eye' on two other boys, so eventually I gave up on trying to talk to this boy. (Though part of this was that he stopped replying and for the last message he still did not reply.) 

Granted, the reason behind this cold response from him, as I found out later on this year, was that he had a girlfriend at the time, which I did not know, and I guess I understand why he did what he did. Yes, one could argue that I should have known, but how? Never mind that any more, I believe we are still on okay terms to this day, and it is definitely not awkward at work, so it's fine.

The second boy (random person I met during summer) I 'tried' to talk to was a mess. I'm not telling the story now, maybe I will sometime later, but the point in this is, that I was up against his ex, so that was a pointless waste of time, and once again, the conversations did not work. Though I must say I am really glad it worked out the way it did, he didn't have the best of character...

The third one (colleague at work, photographer) went better at first; not that I intended to 'get with him' when I started speaking to him, but I figured he was OK; but then I found out too many things, such as his preferred past-time activities which kind of didn't go with my standards, so I had to give up in this case. Though once again, I am very glad how this turned out, because I am now very good friends with his ex, and it would have been bad. I go to college with both of them. (Again, I may tell this story in more detail later, depending if you will want to read about it, so be sure to let me know!)

The fourth one (boy from my school) is the worst so far... well this case, he isn't. So far at least! I think it is still ongoing, so I don't want to tell this one for that reason. Although I will make sure to keep you updated if something happens!

Yes, boys, dating, romance is a complicated subject, at least for me. I do not know what to make of this situation yet, or why I end up being ignored, but I will try to put it in words if I can...

Keep checking back for updates! (If it is of any interest to you of course!)


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